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Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge With Lauren Steele of Motherboard

Hey everyone, Doug Stetzer here. Thanks for tuning into Colorado.FM the Colorado podcast. So I’ve spoken a lot about how this project has already taken me down paths that...

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Lindsay Bourgoine of Protect Our Winters Talks Education and Advocacy

Hey everyone, Doug Stetzer here, and thanks for tuning in to Colorado.FM – The Colorado Podcast. Well the journey down the climate science wormhole continues. This episode was again...

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Jon Miller of Backcountry United Educates About Public Land Access

Hey everyone, Doug Stetzer here, and thanks for tuning in to Colorado.FM – The Colorado Podcast.   For this episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jon...

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Alan Bernholtz – Former Mayor of Crested Butte and Minister of Fun for Eleven Experience

Alan Bernholtz on Colorado.FM – The Colorado Podcast So this is a really awesome episode, if i do say so myself! I had the opportunity to sit down with...

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Romp Skis – Custom Skis Built in Crested Butte

Caleb and Morgan Weinberg of Romp Skis on Colorado.FM – The Colorado Podcast! This episode is another from my recent tour of Colorado. While in Crested Butte I was...

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Crested Butte Real Estate with Corey Dwan

Corey Dwan Talks Crested Butte Real Estate on Colorado.FM – The Colorado Podcast For this episode I was able to sit down with Crested Butte real estate expert and...

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Featured Guests

Photo Credit: Sam Bricker

Eric Larsen

Polar Explorer

Eric is included in the Men’s Journal List of The 25 Most Adventurous Men of the Past 25 Years.

joshua burman image

Josh Berman

Travel Writer

Josh is currently in writing updates for the Colorado Camping Guide.

Backcountry United - Jon Miller

Jon Miller


Jon is the founder of Backcountry United, an organization focused on keeping backcountry access open.

Boulder Creative Collective Logo



Boulder Creative Collective supports the arts here in Boulder.

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