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Let’s talk about how Colorado.FM can help you reach the an audience of engaged listeners from around the world (but MOSTLY from Colorado).

Our audience is GROWING!

We’re heading in the right direction and people are taking note.  In the first few months, local PR firms and global media groups have used us as an outlet for people they represent.

This brings us amazing interviews and access to huge social networks.

We’re reaching our target.

Our goal in launching this podcast is to be a resource to locals as well as the millions of visitors Colorado receives each year.  So far it’s working.


70% of downloads and 90% of website visits are from the U.S.  Europe makes up the largest international segment of listeners at over 20%.

18.5% of all downloads come from within Colorado with Texas coming in second at just over 5%.  Colorado makes up half of all domestic website visits.

A good mix!

We’re in the sweet spot! Half of all visitors are in the 25-44 age group, but we’re hitting a diverse crowd (and not just the bros).




We want to work with you and continue to support local businesses!

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